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The Way: Jesus Christ

According to the Bible, Jesus is the only way to be saved from God’s wrath. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) When we repent of our sins and put our trust in Jesus Christ, He forgives us and makes us part of His family forever.

Following Jesus

The Bible calls us to discipleship – following Jesus Christ and making Him known to others. As disciples, we grow in our faith through Bible study, prayer, worship, and service. We also build relationships with other believers who can encourage and challenge us. And we reach out to those who don’t know Christ, sharing the Good News with them and helping them take their next steps of faith.

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The Family of God

The Body of Christ is the Church – God’s family on earth. The Bible teaches that every believer is part of the Body of Christ, and we need to be connected to a local church. In the Church, we grow in our relationship with God and others, and we are able to serve and be served. We also reach out to those who don’t know Christ, sharing the Good News with them and helping them take their next steps of faith.

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Serving God

Serving God is one of the most important things we can do in life. It’s what He desires of us, and it’s also what brings us the greatest joy.

When we serve God, we are following His will for our lives. We are also fulfilling the purpose for which He created us. And we receive His blessing and approval as we serve Him faithfully.

There are many ways to serve God, and He has a unique plan for each of us. What matters most is that we obey Him and do whatever He asks us to do with enthusiasm and joy. Let’s commit ourselves to serving Him with all our hearts!

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Church is not a building. It’s not a program. It’s not a service. Church is people – people who have been saved by Jesus Christ and are following Him. When we come together as God’s family, we strengthen one another in our faith, we encourage one another to grow in discipleship, and we reach out to those who don’t know Christ.

At the churches in Lantapan, the community is essential. We need each other to grow in our faith and to reach out to others. We come together for worship, Bible study, prayer, and service. And we reach out to our friends, neighbors, and coworkers with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Let’s commit ourselves to being connected to a local church so that we can make a difference in our community and the world!

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What Is The Bible?

The Bible is the most important book in the world. It’s also one of the most misunderstood books in the world. Many people don’t know how to read it or what to make of it. But God has given us His Word for our benefit and instruction.

How to Read the Bible

The best way to read the Bible is by obeying what it says. When we obey God’s Word, it comes alive in us and we begin to understand it better. The Bible isn’t a book of rules – it’s a book about relationships. It shows us how we can have a relationship with our Creator, with other believers, and with those who are lost and need Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Another way to read the Bible is by studying it systematically. This involves reading through all 66 books, starting with Genesis and ending with Revelation. As you do this, you will see how each book fits into overall story of redemption that God is telling throughout history.

Finally, we should pray for guidance as we read the Bible. We need God’s help to understand His Word and apply it to our lives. Let’s ask Him to open our eyes so that we may behold wondrous things from His law (Psalm 119:18).

Why is Bible Reading Important?

Bible reading is important because it helps us understand God’s will for our lives. It also shows us how to live in a way that pleases Him. As we read His Word, He speaks to us and reveals Himself to us. The Bible is also a source of comfort and encouragement when we are going through difficult times. Reading the Bible regularly can help us keep our focus on Christ and not on the troubles of this world.

The Powerful Weapon of Prayer

Did you know that prayer is one of the most powerful weapons we have in our arsenal against the devil?

Prayer is a way to communicate with God, and it’s also a way to access His power. When we pray, we can release the power of God into our lives and into the lives of those around us.

The Bible tells us that when two or three are gathered together in Jesus’ name, He is there with them (Matthew 18:20). That means we can access His power anytime we gather together in prayer. Let’s commit ourselves to praying together regularly so that we can see God’s power unleashed in our churches, our communities, and the world!

Celebrating Baptism

Baptism is an important step in the faith journey of a Christian. It is the point at which a person publicly declares their faith in Jesus Christ and is welcomed into the family of God.

In the Bible, we see that baptism is not just a ritual or a symbol – it is a powerful act of obedience that brings about spiritual transformation. When we are baptized, we are washed clean of our sins and we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

At the churches in Lantapan, baptism is celebrated with joy and reverence. It is a time when we come together to witness one of our brothers or sisters in Christ taking this important step on their journey of faith.