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Finding Freedom in Christ

When Jesus died on the cross, he paid the price for our sins. He took on himself the punishment that we deserved so that we could be freed from our sins. When we believe in Jesus, and accept his gift of forgiveness, we are set free from the power of sin. We are given a new life in Christ and can start living according to his ways instead of our own sinful desires. This is what it means to be free in Jesus.

God is Good!

The Bible tells us that God is good and that he desires to do good things for us. In fact, the Lord is so good that he sent his only son Jesus to die on the cross so that we could be forgiven and have eternal life. Jesus is the ultimate example of God’s goodness, as he showed compassion and love even while enduring great suffering.

When we experience the goodness of God in our lives, it brings us great joy. We can thank him for his many blessings, including our families, friends, and all the other wonderful things he has given us. Let’s also remember to thank God for his ultimate gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. What a wonderful, good God we have!

We Want You to Experience Life to the Fullest

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The body of Christ is the church – those who have accepted Jesus as their personal savior. The church is a community of believers, united together in faith and love. We are all part of the body of Christ, and we need each other to grow in our faith.

The church is a place where we can come together to worship God and learn more about his Word. We can also find support and fellowship with other believers, who will help us to grow in our faith. It is important to be connected to a local church, as this is where we can find discipleship and spiritual growth.

God desires for us to be connected to the body of Christ, as it is through the church that we can best experience his love and grace. Find a church near Kidapawan, Philippines today!

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Serving God in the Churches in Kidapawan

As Christians, we are called to serve God in our local churches. This is a great way to get involved in the community and make a difference in the lives of others. There are many opportunities to serve in the churches of Kidapawan, including ministries such as worship, children’s ministry, outreach, and more.

If you are interested in serving God in the churches of Kidapawan, please contact them for more information. We would love to have you on board!

Baptism: A Public Declaration

Baptism is an outward sign of the inward change that has taken place in our lives when we have accepted Jesus as our personal savior. When we are baptized, we publicly declare our faith in Christ and our commitment to follow him. Baptism is also a symbol of our new life in Christ – it is like a funeral for our old life of sin, and a birth into a new life of righteousness.

If you have not yet been baptized, we encourage you to take this step of faith.

The Importance of Your Prayers

Prayer is one way that we can speak to our loving God and hear from him. Prayer is also a way for us to ask forgiveness, give thanks, or express sorrow over wrongs done against others.

God wants us to pray because it will help us grow spiritually – but he doesn’t want us just praying about things; he expects us to take action as well. We need not be passive in prayer either: we should do our best in all areas of life, including those related to faith (such as church attendance). God wants his people involved with the world around them – after all, Jesus did much good through his earthly ministry!

The Word of God is Alive

The Bible is more than just a collection of stories or ancient teachings. It is living, breathing word from God himself. When we read the Bible, we are interacting with the creator of the universe!

Because the Bible is alive, it has the power to change our lives. We can find strength and hope in difficult times, and guidance for our everyday decisions. The Bible also offers us eternal life through Jesus Christ.

God desires for us to read His Word and be transformed by it into people who love him and reflect his goodness to the world around us. Let’s commit to reading the Bible every day so that we can grow closer to God and experience all the life-changing power it has to offer.

Evangelism: Sharing the Good News

The gospel is good news – it is the message that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and that he rose again so that we could have eternal life. This is amazing news that everyone needs to hear!

As Christians, we are called to share this good news with others. We can do this through our words and actions, by living lives that reflect the love of Christ. We can also invite others to church, where they can learn more about Jesus and his love for them.

Let’s make it our mission to share the good news of Jesus Christ with as many people as we can. It is the best news they will ever hear!

We Are Righteous By Faith Alone

Righteousness by faith is a central teaching of the Bible.

The Bible teaches that we are made right with God not by our good deeds, but by faith in Jesus Christ. This is Good News because it means that no one is too sinful for God to forgive. We are all sinners, but through faith in Jesus Christ, we are made righteous and can have eternal life.

This doctrine has been at the heart of the Christian faith from the beginning and is still important today.

The Community of Believers

The church is a community of believers who have been called by God to follow Jesus Christ. We are united by our faith in Christ and our desire to grow in our relationship with him.

As the body of Christ, we are called to love and serve one another. We should be a people who care for the poor and oppressed, and who stand up for justice. We should also be a place where people can find healing and hope.

If you are looking for a church community, we invite you to come and check us out. We would love to get to know you and help you grow in your faith journey.