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Jesus the Messiah

Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God. He was sent to earth to die for our sins and to be resurrected so that we could have eternal life. Jesus is compassionate and merciful, and he desires for all people to come to repentance. He is the only way to know God, and through Him, we can receive forgiveness and eternal life.

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The Church is the body of baptized believers on earth, who are connected to each other and to God. Churches, like the churches in Guntur, India, help people live according to Christian principles, worship together, care for one another, and proclaim the gospel throughout the world. Churches support missionaries’ work by praying for them regularly and giving financial support. The church home is like a second family for many people. The churches in Guntur provide fellowship and encouragement and hold regular Bible studies and service meetings. Find a church near Guntur, India, today!

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Water Baptism: Old Has Gone, New Has Come

Baptism is an important event in a person’s life, marking the beginning of his or her new life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. After someone becomes a Christian, he or she can choose to be baptized. Baptism is done by full immersion in water, symbolizing the death of the person’s old life and his/her rebirth into Christ’s family. Churches baptize people during their worship services; however, they do not require this for membership in the church. Baptisms usually take place during the church’s Easter service. Churches in Guntur, India celebrate baptisms together after worship services. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist; his baptism is an example for all believers to follow.

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The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper (sometimes called Communion) is a way that churches remember what Jesus did for us. Churches in Guntur, India celebrate this important event during their worship services several times a year. A group of people gather together to remember Jesus’ sacrifice and his words at the Last Supper with his disciples. Jesus is also present with us when we come together to remember him, and he gives grace and strength to all who seek him in this way. Churches that celebrate the Lord’s Supper usually share bread and juice/wine, representing the body and blood of Jesus. Churches do not require fasting before taking Communion; however, we should come to church prepared to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us and be aware of our own sins so we can acknowledge them when we partake in the Lord’s Supper.

Discipleship: Committing to Following Jesus

Discipleship is a commitment to following Jesus Christ. It involves obeying Him, learning from Him, and obeying His teachings. Jesus calls us to be disciples and to make disciples of all nations. He has given us all the necessary tools for disciple-making, including the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and prayer. We are to proclaim the gospel to everyone and to teach them to obey everything that Jesus commanded. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is a life-long journey that leads us closer to Him and allows us to share in His ministry on earth.

Churches are to encourage all who follow Jesus Christ to pray, read the Bible daily, go to church regularly, and give their time and money generously for the work of the Lord.

The Person of The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, and He is God. He is the one who comes to live in us when we become Christians and helps us to grow in our faith. The Holy Spirit leads us to Jesus Christ and teaches us about Him. He also helps us to understand the Bible and to pray. We can ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in all areas of our lives, and He will help us to make wise decisions. The Holy Spirit also comforts us when we are sad or discouraged and gives us the strength to do what is right. We can thank Him for all the good things He does for us by praying in tongues. This is a prayer that only the Holy Spirit understands. God knows our hearts, so He understands our true needs when we pray in tongues.

The Bible

The Bible is God’s Word to us. We can read it for wisdom and instruction about living the Christian life the way Jesus did. The books of the Bible were written by different people over 1,500 years. Yet, the Bible is one book because it all tells one story about God’s love for His creation and how He has worked in human history to redeem us back to Himself. The first part of the Bible tells the story of Creation (Genesis); then it describes how sin came into the world (the Fall; Genesis 3); finally, it tells of God’s rescue plan for the world (the Bible). Jesus is at the center of this story.

Worshiping Jesus: Important Part of Christianity

Worship is an important part of the Christian life. It is a way for us to come before God and express our love for Him. We can worship Him in Spirit and in truth (John 4:24). Worship is not about us; it is about giving all the glory to God. We should come to worship with a humble heart, recognizing that we are sinners saved by grace.

When we worship, we can sing praises to God, read Scripture, listen to preaching and teaching, pray, and give offerings. We should also come prepared to encounter God Himself and allow Him to speak to us through His Word. Worship is a time when we can set aside our busy lives and focus on Him. It is a time when we can come before Him and seek His will for our lives. We should approach God throughout the week with worship in our hearts, knowing that He is worthy of all glory.

Worship does not end when the church service ends; it continues throughout the week as we live out our faith in everyday life. Churches in Guntur are here to help us learn how to worship God and to encourage us as we do.