We want to help you connect with a local church near you…

Searching for a new church can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to Christianity or haven’t been along to a church for some time.

Church Connect aims to make connecting with a church near you as easy as possible.

You can search for churches in the UK by entering the name of a town or postcode into the search box on our homepage. This will show a list of churches in your area.

Click on their profile to learn more about them to get a feel for what they are like.

Once you’ve found a church that you’d like to connect with we want to help you get the best welcome possible. If you fill out the connect form for that church, we will then follow up to introduce you, to make sure you get a friendly welcome when you visit.

We think this is the way searching for a new church should be.

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  • Cover Image Upload an image that sits behind your church name and location to add some visual flavour
  • Description Write a short description about your church to give potential visitors a taste of what happens at a typical service
  • Meetings/Services List all of your services including address, start/end times, day of the week and repeat frequency
  • Connect Form Receive notifications of visitor interest to help you welcome new people to your church
  • Search Results Help people find your church through our intuitive location based search features on desktop on mobile devices