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There are quite a few churches in Abernathy, and they all have their unique style. Some churches are more contemporary, while others may be more traditional. There are also churches in Abernathy that focus on evangelism, and another that focuses on discipleship. Regardless of the church you choose, it’s important to be connected to one so that you can grow in your faith. Church Connect is here to help you find a church in Abernathy, Texas today!

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Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the Son of God, and he died on the cross to take away our sins. He rose from the dead and now he reigns in heaven. Jesus is the only way to salvation, and he desires for everyone to come to know Him.

What is The Church?

The Church is all of God’s people who have been born again through Jesus. The church is not just a building, but rather it is all believers everywhere throughout history and in the present day. It refers to the body of Christ, which includes both Jews and Gentiles – anyone who has trusted in Jesus alone for their salvation.

Becoming a Disciple of Jesus Christ

Discipleship is the process of following Jesus and learning from him daily. It’s about immersing ourselves in God’s word so that we can grow deeper in our faith, and it’s also about making a difference within our world by sharing our faith with others.

If you want to become a disciple of Jesus, there are a few things that you need to do. First, you need to read the Bible regularly and pray often. This will help you to grow closer to God and learn more about his Word. Second, you need to attend church regularly and get involved in the children or youth ministry. This will help you to build relationships with other believers and learn more about what it means to follow Jesus. Finally, you need to share your faith with others and tell them about the good news of Jesus Christ. By sharing your faith, you can build up the church and bring others to Christ.

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The Good News of the Gospel

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news that Jesus died on the cross to take away our sins and that he rose from the dead and now reigns in heaven. This is good news because it means that we can be forgiven and have eternal life. The Gospel is also good news because it means that Jesus is coming back again, and those who believe in him will be with him forever.

Reading the Bible

There are many reasons to read the Bible – to find hope, encouragement, and direction. But there’s one reason that stands out from the rest: it will change your life.

Research shows that those who read scripture regularly experience a shift in their lives as they grow closer to God and learn more about his Word. And if you’ve never done so before or have been too intimidated by its size or complexity-now is a great time to start reading for yourself what God has said about us all.

Five ways reading Scripture can transform your life:

1) It will help you grow closer to God through prayer and meditation on His Word.

2) It will teach you how to live according to God’s truth, which is freeing and empowering.

3) It will help you find comfort during pain and suffering – no matter what your circumstance may be.

4) It will encourage your day-to-day life so that you can overcome temptation, trials, and hardships.

5) It will give you hope for the future, as you patiently wait for God’s promises to be fulfilled.


Prayer is about communicating with God. Prayer is talking to him, listening for his voice, and opening our hearts to him. It’s experiencing intimacy with the Father in heaven through Jesus Christ.

Prayer can happen any time of day-it doesn’t have a specific time or place. We should pray throughout the day: while we’re at work, while we’re cooking dinner, while we’re driving down the street…whenever.

But prayer isn’t just thoughts going up into heaven and being forgotten – because it has an impact on us as well! Research shows that those who pray regularly experience healthier bodies and more fulfilling relationships than those who don’t. So why not spend some time praying today?

Here are five reasons to pray today:

1) It’s an act of worshiping God for who He is and what he has done in our lives.

2) It will help you experience his peace when facing difficult decisions, temptations, trials, etc.

3) It will bring you closer to other believers in your life and help you build healthy relationships with them.

4) It will bring you closer to God and make him more real in your life than ever before.

5) It will open up opportunities for you to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others, as He guides and directs your path.

Evangelism & Discipleship

Jesus told His disciples “I have called you friends” (John 15:15). He loved them, and He wanted to spend time with them. But there’s something else He wanted too…He wanted them to make more friends for life!

That is the ultimate goal of evangelism – to spread Jesus’ message of love and hope so that others may come to know Him as well. It’s a simple process that involves three steps: come, grow, and go.

1) Come – this is the part where you become a follower of Jesus Christ. Through repentance from your sins and faith in Jesus Christ as your savior, you can gain eternal life with God for all of eternity.

2) Grow – this is the part where you further your relationship with God through worship, prayer, and reading the Bible. This is also the part where you begin living for Jesus in every way possible – it’s practicing what you preach.

3) Go – this is the part that Jesus was talking about when He told His disciples to go out into all the world and preach the Gospel. This is when you begin sharing your faith with others, whether it’s at work, school, the gym, etc.

And while evangelism can be scary, remember that God wants us to share our faith with others – he promised that He would always be there to guide us along the way!